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If you are living in Wellington and you like the idea of meeting new girls who are Christians, then this site could help you. We created this site to help newly single Christian that live in Wellington to meet each other. As many of our members say, it is not as easy as it seems to meet someone who shares your faith. The truth is that many Christians are now taking to meet people online because they just have trouble in meeting people offline. When you are offline, the only place you can really meet people is in your Church. As soon as you come online, everything begins to change. You realise that there is a whole world out there of Christians just like you.


How do I go about meeting these Christians?

Simple; once you have signed up you will instantly be faced with a few different women in your area who are looking for love and friendship. All you need to do is look for one who you think looks nice. Once you have done this the next thing you have to do is message her tell her that you like the look of her and would be interested in getting to know her better.
Dating is all about having something in common with someone. You already know when you sign up to this site that the people you are meeting are Christians and they live in Wellington. That means you already have more in common with them than you think. I mean simply the fact that you have signed up to a site called my single christians in Wellington is already quite a big coincidence so you could almost use this as an opening line.



How easy is it to meet people?

We have a string of people who are working around the clock to make sure that all the people who sign up to this site are real people who are all here looking for love. If we feel that any of the people on this site are not being real or are not serious about finding the love we will remove them For us it is important that these people are real and eager to meet other people for love. We want to make sure that everyone on this site is looking for the same thing. That mean that everyone you message will be on the same page as you.


The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!