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Positive post from one of our members

My name is Courtney, I am a 22 year old christian living in Sydney. I find it really hard to make contact with other Christians other than people from my own church. My sister Kirsty dated a young man from the local church two years ago but it ended up in complete disaster. Now she has the awkwardness of facing him and his family every single Sunday morning. That is why I think mysinglechristian is great because it gives you the chance to meet up with christians that live further afield and have no connection with your actual church. If things don’t end up well it is not awkward then. I have read recent statistics that say on average people need to go on at least 7 dates but they find that special someone. Well I think it is more than 7 if you are looking for a christian so this new site is filling me with a lot of joy right now. I really do believe that I am on the verge of meeting that precious christian soul mate. I have already planned the first date. We are going to go down to the harbour and have a drink or two while the sun sets. It’s going to be so much fun getting to know each other; a maybe have a quick kiss too  Maybe wishful thinking but fingers crossed if this site is what it’s promised to be I am in for a great ride with some beautiful people. Roll on a great 2015; a 2015 where I can have my god and my partner. If I am successful on this site, I am pretty certain my sister Kirsty will also follow suit and join this fantastic site. I think part of it with her, is she is waiting for me to find happiness first, but that is utterly fine. I wish all you christians well on this site and hope it brings you good things. All the best. God be with you. 

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