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Places to go on a date.

Places to go on a date.

This site is for the whole of New Zealand and actually stretches across many countries so I am going to aim to keep this blog a bit more generic and give you some ideas.


Where to go.

Dates are all about getting to know one another. Why not help your date get to know you and take them to places that mean something to you. Perhaps you might want to go for a walk around one of your favorite parks or even around your favorite beeches.


Be kids again

They can also be very playful times, why not do stuff that kids would enjoy, try cooking a meal together or even going to the zoo. Do stuff a little bit more silly as everyone has a slightly silly side and this is always an endearing quality so make sure you let it out and get to know their silly side to. Trust me you will not regret it.


Have a few drinks.

No I am not telling you to go out and get completely drunk but you can have a glass of wine or a beer. Just have your favorite drink in front of you and sip it. As much as you don’t want to get wasted, alcohol does have a great way of relaxing you and actually help you to be more like yourself rather than being all uptight and scared.


Long walks.

There is something about going on a long walk that is a great way to have a conversation. For some reason movement can really stimulate great conversation not only this but unlike going for a meal you don’t have to sit there starring at one another all night like you might have to if you were to go for a meal together. Many people find that going for a meal is a really pressurized situation and one that you might not want to be on if you are already feeling a bit nervous.


Ask your mum.

Here is a little game I used to like to do, ask your mum where to go on a date and the first place she suggest you have to do, even if it is one of the above. It might create a really funny talking point on the date, then the best thing is for the second date you can get her to ask her mum and the first place she suggests you both have to go. This might be a really funny thing to do.
The bottom line is that you can go wherever you want. You can either challenge yourself and do something out of your comfort zone or you can do something that is less pressure and just go somewhere that you can enjoy.


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