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Welcome to My single Christians in Philadelphia. This is a site for all the single Christian people of Philadelphia to meet up for romance and friendship.

This site originally started out in the UK. Before long we have people asking if we could move the site to their area. There was a very large calling for all the people of Philadelphiawho was saying that they were single Christians and eager to meet some other like-minded people in their area.
Before long we decided to run the site out across the whole of the USA to see if there were any single Christians who were interested in meeting each other. Philadelphia quickly became our most popular area.


Is the site easy to use?

We have been running this year for over eight years, and we have worked hard to make sure that the site is as simple and easy to use as it could possibly be. For us, we set out to make a site that is incredibly easy to use and straightforward to meet people who you would be interested in meeting. What we have done over time is constantly as our lovely Christian members for feedback on our service. Over time we have taken on board their comments and improved the site. We have been through many changes, and over time we have had fewer comments. More and more people now message us to tell us how easy the site is to use.

How much the site cost to meet Christians in Philadelphia?

The site is completely free to sign up to, and within a few moments, you will be meeting hundreds of men and women who are gagging to meet other single Christians.

Testimonial from one of our members.

My name is Derek, and I have lived in Philadelphia. I used to live in the UK, and I was a member of My single Christian in the UK. When I got out here, I was so happy to discover that this site was also live and active out here. I met a few lovely ladies when I loved in the UK. Out here I am meeting even more women. It is perfect for making friends and meeting other people who are feeling a bit lonely and are interested in meeting new people for love and friendship.

The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!