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If you are new to online dating you might be interested to hear that the dating scene here in Perth has had some pretty big changes over the last decade. The mining boom that we experienced a few years ago has led to a huge migration of people into and around the city – doubling its population over the last 8 years! So what does this mean to Christian Singles looking for love? Well it means that there is no better time than right now to be a part of our award winning Christian Dating site, Our website is here to help attract single Christians who are interesting making new friends or finding love in Perth. It is free to join our website and we offer this membership trial out to anyone who is new and wants to give our website a try right now!

Christian Singles in Perth

Our website has become one of the most successful Christian singles dating websites in the world, and our successful services can now be found working all over the world, in 5 different countries. So with that said what makes our system so good? Well we believe it’s actually the combination of a few different benefits. First of all we use a smart matching system to makes sure you are shown a list of members that will most likely match your interests. We look at your profile very carefully and analysis every part of it to make sure we show you potential matches that you are really going to click with. Combine this with a dating website that is designed and developed to cater to only Christian singles you can join here with complete confidence that you r lifestyle and religious views are going to be shared with thousands of like minded Christian members livening here in Perth. Finally because our city is so beautiful and breath-taking there always hundreds of great places to try for date ideas, some that we will share with you below.

Adventure and Entertainment Dating Ideas

Not all dates need to take place in the evenings. In fact a lot of our members prefer going for a date in the day, especially if it’s the first one, because there are more activities to do, rather than just having to settle for a meal and a drink. Outdoor dates have been shown to help create a clam and relaxing experience, which is especially good if you are feeling a little nervous or apprehensive about your date. Our favourite ideas for outside dating ideas are packing up a picnic and heading to Kings Park or the Botanical Gardens for an afternoon in the sun getting to know each other. Or if you are more culturally inclined you could always try the Indigenous Galleries at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, where the beautiful and award winning artwork could be a great conversation starter!

The kind of people you could meet

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