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Meeting my perfect Christian Match

Meeting your perfect Christian match might seem like a waiting game. But we thought we would put this blog together as a way to help you in your mission to finding the perfect partner. Here are a couple of great tips that might help you out.

Know what you are looking for but keep your heart open.

Many people have in their heads the exact person they are looking for, so much so that sometimes they ignore the people who are right in front of them, waiting for that perfect person to come along. The problem with this mentally is that you might be waiting for a very long time and missing the people are truly right for you. Many people end up settling down with people that they never imagined they would but this does not mean that their lives aren’t filled with joy. So perhaps you are looking for that super model, or someone who makes you laugh until you cry. But perhaps this is not what you NEED. The lord works in mysterious ways and you might find your love interest is completely different. How do you not know that, that person has been sent you to really fulfill your life?

Be patient but be alert.

Remember, God know who you are looking for, sometimes he will throw that person right in front of you as if to say “here he/she is” but some times, he will situate that person in a place where you have to go out of your way to meet them. If you have been thinking recently about starting something new, why not give it ago. There is no time like the present and that might be the Lords way of guiding you towards that special person. When you see someone you quite like, make a move, go and talk to them, know that you have the lord with you and that will give you the confidence that you want.

Take a chance on faith.

Have faith in your beliefs, if you are thinking about giving online dating a go but have never done it before then why not give it a go now? It doesn’t have to be this site or perhaps you should try this site and a few others. Write up a profile and upload the same profile to a few different online Christian dating website. Why not hedge your bets and try a few. You never know which one your future partner might be waiting on so you might as well give it a go. Whatever you choose to do we wish you the best luck with your endeavours.

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