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Meet a surfing Christian

Many Christian men know that they want to find women who share their faith, but what about meeting a Christian girl who shares your interests too? Australia has a huge amount of Surfers and anyone who surfs knows that it is something they are probably going to do until the day they die! If you are looking to meet a lovely Christian girl who also likes to hit the waves then you may want to try online dating.

Meet Christian girls who love the surf!

Online dating is great because it is one big website full of Christians who are looking for love. Even better than this though is that everyone lists what they like to do when they arrive on a dating site, whether it is sports or other interests and hobbies. Why not sign up and do a search for people who have the same interest as you?

Search for Christians who surf

Once you have arrived on the site, doing a search for someone who has the same interests as you is simple, simply click on the filter tab and filter your results to the women who have said that they love surfing. It is really is as simple as that! Once you have filtered your results, we will only bring up people who meet this criteria. This process will take less than 5 minutes (that is including signing up for your free trial). Once done, you can start to search through hundreds of surfing Christianswho live in your city. How fantastic is that? If you have come online hoping to meet a Christian surfer then this would be a good place to start as we have hundreds of them!

How important is it to meet someone who shares your interests?

Well, we think it is very important but we wanted to share with you a testimonial of something that someone wrote in the other day. “My name is Kelly and I am 26. I have always had a strong Christian faith until about a year ago my faith was tested. To cut a long story short, I was out catching some waves early in the morning at my local surf spot and I was attacked by a great white, the bite was bad and I was lucky to get away (Although I have been left with a huge scar down my back). The doctors say I was luck to live. My confidence was knocked and it took me a very long time to get back into my bikini and get back out on the water. I wanted to meet someone who would not mind my scars and shared my faith. I joined up to this site and I made sure I uploaded photos of my scars too because it was important that the guy I met on this site didn’t mind them. Within a few weeks I was speaking to this awesome guy who had also been attacked. We had so much in common and met up quite soon for surf, he is fantastic and we are getting married next year. I really do thank the people who made this site and I thank the lord everyday for allowing me to survive the attack!”

The kind of people you could meet

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