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Many men out there share our faith and would love to meet a lovely gal who shares his interest in the Lord. Meeting a nice Christian girl can seem like a bit of a tough thing to do, I mean if you haven’t met one in your local Church how are you suppose to meet other Christian women? You can’t really change your church just because you want to meet women, this does not seem like a very Christian thing to do. In this blog we are going to go through a couple of ways that you can go about meeting Christian girls and how you can increase your chances of meeting someone really special.

How to meet other Christians

1. Have you got any interests that you enjoy doing outside work? The first thing to look at is sports, do you play any sports such as tennis or badminton. Did you know there are many Christian groups out there that do all sorts of stuff from sports and activities to drama classes and even Bible studies? There are great events all over the country that put you in contact with other people who share your strong Christian faith. Why not contact them and see who you can meet?
2. Have you vocalised the fact that you are hoping the lord is going to give you a nice woman, why not mention it to the big man himself? I mean, he is all seeing and all knowing so he already knows you are looking but why not give him a bit of a nudge and say “hey, I know your busy but any chance you could send me a girl. I really want to meet someone special so I can settle down”. You never know what may happen. He certainly works in mysterious ways. On top of this, why not mention it to your Christian friends? I know that you don’t want to sound desperate but mentioning it to them might spark something off, you never know who might know someone, who might know someone else and before long you are meeting up with new people who your friends and family may have set you up with.
3. Give online dating a go. We have hundreds of men and women all over the UK signing up everyday hoping to meet Christians. The great thing about these sites is you can search for lovely Christian’s gals who have the same interests as you, so if you want to meet a Christian girl who loves tennis or cricket then this is the place to find them.

I know it might seem daunting but why not take the jump, if you are already here, that could be God’s way of telling you that it is the right decision to make. You can never connect the dots looking forward, only looking back and we never know what got us to where we are today!

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