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Meet Christians who loves to swim.

Many men and women across New Zealand love to swim. It is important for people who love to swim to meet others who share their passion. People who take swimming seriously will spend a lot of their time in the pool or in the sea and will want to meet someone who shares their passion and can go swimming with them.


The only issue is for many Christians is that it is a case of meeting someone who not only shares your passion of swimming but also shares your passion for the Lord. Here is a letter we received the other day

“Hi my name is John and I am a huge Christian swimmer. I have been swimming my whole life but only recently have I started to really get back into it again. I discovered how much healthier and happier I feel when I am in swimming mode. I actually met a really nice girl down at my swinging club and we began to hang out outside swimming but the problem was that she was an atheist and constantly questioned my faith. I could tell that she actually had less respect for me because I was a Christian and I knew that if we were to ever stay together that this was going to be an on-going issue for me. Then one night I realised that I shouldn’t be with someone who tried to take my faith away from me, I need to be with someone who tries to make my faith stronger. Someone who goes above and beyond to help me work toward being a better Christian.
Even though this girl and me remain friends I learnt something from her. I know what type of women I am looking for. I want a strong Christian girl who loves swimming and shares my faith. Is this the type of website that can help?”


The response was amazing.

We decided to give John a free membership for sharing this story with us. We put this story up online for all the Christian swimmer on our database to see and they loved it. John was being inundated with messages off women who love to swim; some shared his story of meeting the wrong person. Some simply admired his strength to walk away from a woman because she tried to discourage him away from his Christian faith.
Many of the women on this site are here for the same reason as John and that is to meet others who have the same faith. People who have a faith that will actually encourage them to pursue their beliefs and help them to become stronger Christians, this is what draws so many women to John, the fact that he has had the strength to walk away from someone who tried to discourage him.


Meet someone who shares your love of swimming.

Our sign up process is easy and free; before you know it you will be on our database looking through hundreds of single Christians in your area. What do you do though if you want to meet women with more specific tastes? Women who really enjoy swimming or even women who love playing tennis. Well this is where we make the process really easy. Just filter your results for women who like swimming, tennis or any other activity for that matter and we will only show you those women.
Hope this helps!


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