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Best places for Christian dates

We get asked all the time, where is the best place to go for Christian Dates? Well the answer is, wherever you like. Remember a date is a time when you want to have fun and really get to know someone. Think of something that would be fun for you and invite your date to do that with you. If they really don’t want to do it, it might suggest you have different interest and may not be right for each other. (Having said this, if you want your first date to be skydiving, this might not be the best way to judge your date).

If you have a pet dog and like taking it for a walk, why not invite the girl to do that with you? This is a great example of seeing if the person is on the same page as you.

Perhaps if you love going out of a meal or a glass of wine, invite your date to do that. It I really is as simple as picking something that you enjoy doing and inviting that person along.

However, if you are still struggling, here are a few ideas that might help you out.

1. Invite her to your Sunday service, it might be unusual for her to go to a new Church but she might enjoy it and then after you could walk her home and have a chat then. This would be a great time for you to discuss the service and what both your thoughts are on what was said.
2. Ask her what type of food she likes and then have a look into different cookery courses. Cookery lessons are becoming increasingly popular and might be a really fun thing for you to do together, like making sushi.
3. Go to the beach, everyone loves the beach and sometimes it is nice to pick your date up in a car, it means you don’t have to start the date by staring at each other across a table.
4. Have a few drinks, now obviously we are not suggesting you get drunk but a glass of wine or two is a great way to relax you both at let you get to know each other without the nerves
5. Go to the zoo. Going to the zoo is something that most people do when they are kids and there is something every playful about going back to something you would have done when you were younger. Go and have a look at the animals and don’t forget to get some candy floss!

If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to give us a call or even an email and we can help you out with other ideas and help you through your first date nerves!

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